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PubliSpeak: revisiting access to information

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Accessible interactive publications

An accessible solution

Your interactive flipbook and PDF becomes accessible to everyone, including the visually impaired, the blind or those with a motor disability. PubliSpeak was designed for corporate publications (annual reports, sustainability development reports, CSR eports, shareholders' guides, etc.).

Environmentally friendly

An environmental solution

Due to the Print time to market® feature (less cumbersome than POD in partnership with Advence, you can supply your paper document on demand at a fixed unit and predetermined price to the offset the initial cost. Hence, eliminate your paper stocks and benefit from real savings.

Rich-Media and multi-platforms

A multi platform solution

Enrich your flipbook, interactive PDF by adding internal or external links, flash animations, videos or HD gallery images, sounds and other interactive functions. Increase your ROI. Your interactive publications can be accessed via any format PC, Mac, iPad, Android, IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc...