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An R&D project

Supported by Oséo

Ipedis, the driver behind the PubliSpeak R&D project has been a pioneer in PDF file accessibility since 2006. Ipedis has developed unique expertise in this field in order to support companies in their digitally accessible approach. The R&D PubliSpeak project is underpinned by the following challenge: how to combine rich media technology with digital accessibility? In 2008, Ipedis launched an R&D project which aimed not only to make accessible PDF commonplace but also to maximise new technology in order to develop new means of interactive communication. This innovative project has been supported by Oséo from the very beginning.

Research & Development

Research and Development is a strategic asset at Ipedis, it enables growth drivers to be identified and prepared over the medium & long-term in the digital domain. Digital accessibility has been one of the drivers of technological innovation for the past 20 years, Ipedis‘ commitment to bring together the latest HTML5 and Flash technology with WCAG 2.0/ARIA standards (accessibility standard) has led to the creation of PubliSpeak after 4 years of research. 100% of our R&D budget is dedicated to work linked to cutting-edge technology of the future aimed at ensuring access to digital content by the population as a whole including people with disabilities.

Publispeak’s research and development is by no means finished; by constantly striving to anticipate tomorrow’s hurdles regarding accessibility it is today leading us to develop the foundations for what will be tomorrow’s standards for touch-screen accessibility.