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Our citizen participation

Our citizen participation is a display of Ipedis‘ desire to promote, both internally and externally, the employability of our collaborators, diversity and respect for the environment. We are convinced that these areas are key sources of excellence and innovation within our company but also within society as a whole. We are campaigning for universal access to new technology, that’s why the PubliSpeak project offers interactive solutions to our customers while at the same time guaranteeing access to and use of content by all.

This citizen participation can also be seen in our will to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint by introducing the use of interactive formats as standard in their traditional communication. This environmental revolution enables them to reduce printing costs by limiting print thanks to the Advence Print-time-to-market® function.

The PubliSpeak project involved several associations of persons with disabilities to define both the specifications and for user testing. This commitment to people with disabilities can also be seen in financial terms: part of the revenue generated by PubliSpeak is invested back into disabilities associations which promote digital accessibility like e-accessibility.