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A corporate solution


Customise the interface according to your brand guidelines: add your logo, adapt the interface to your branding and choose your own icons.

Here is an example


Share your document on social networks and generate more traffic. Reach a broad audience through social networks. Which network do you want to use?

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Welcome video

Introduce your document using a welcome video. Catch your reader’s attention immediately with a video. You have the option of reusing videos produced for your WebTV platforms.


Measure and analyse traffic generated by your publications using Google Analytics (geographical origin, traffic sources…). You have the option of analysing time spent on your document by your readers and immediately measuring your ROI.


Navigating in PubliSpeak is enjoyable and intuitive (page history, predictive engine, partial downloading…). Our interface has been designed to offer a unique user experience for all types of audience including people with disabilities.

Here is an example

Back office

Intervene in how your interactive document is created through a simple and ergonomic back office. Thanks to this function, you can validate and edit your document on demand.

PubliSpeak also brings all features of the enterprise together from the market together in series. Contact us to find out more.