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A multi-platform solution

Touch-screen tablet compatibility

Use PubliSpeak on touch-screen tablets (iOs, Android) thanks to HTML5 technology. Our research on digital accessibility will allow you to achieve increased compatibility on different devices: Apple, Google, BlackBerry OS and Microsoft Mobile.


Use PubliSpeak on all formats: PC, Mac, Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.), Tablets. By using digital accessibility we can offer you a single entry point for all your audiences whatever the format.


Access your publications from any browser (IE). Thanks to digital accessibility, improve natural indexing: the marked up content of your documents can be indexed in the main search engines.

Offline reading

Install and visualise your publications in offline mode (desktop, USB key) without Internet connection. Installation is simple and fast.

PubliSpeak also brings all features of the enterprise together from the market together in series. Contact us to find out more.