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A Rich Media solution

Interactive multimedia library

Add content to your publications (videos, files, links…) thanks to the interactive multimedia library. Share various formats on PubliSpeak and increase their visibility.

Here is an example


Bring your publications to life thanks to tailor-made animations (cover page, graphics, images…). Simplify complex reading sections by using descriptive flash animations.

Here is an example


Enrich your publications by adding videos. Keep your audience’s attention and post your corporate videos via your YouTube channel.

Here is an example


Illustrate your document by integrating a slideshow. Make your images stand out; thanks to this function you can enhance your images in HD.

Here is an example

Interactive forms

Build customer loyalty through the Newsletters module. Gather the information you need with interactive forms.

PubliSpeak also brings all features of the enterprise together from the market together in series. Contact us to find out more.