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An accessible solution

PDF and HTML accessibility

100% Accessible Content: consult the accessible PDF and the HTML version of the document. Your content can be consulted universally including by the blind, visually impaired or those with motor disabilities.

Accessible interface

Navigate with a 100% accessible interface, adapted to ensure tools for visual impairments can be used. Each blind or visually impaired user can use your interactive flipbook and access information like any able-bodied person.

Voice control

Listen to your document thanks to the human or automatic voice feature for incomparable ease of reading. Make your interactive publications audible and discover a new way of accessing information.

Here is an example

Zoom-in per block

Choose and zoom-in on reading areas thanks to the zoom per block feature. Our algorithm enables you to zoom-in in a smart and relevant way; this ease of reading guarantees a unique user experience.

Here is an example

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